Introducing 5 Fabulous New Conscious Care Treatments and an even better membership option - details below.

Gemstone Facial
Featuring a powerful synergy of botanical extracts and crystal acupressure facial massage. This facial experience utilizes healing quartz crystals and divine peace frequencies, while a soothing hand and foot massage melts away stress. This unique balancing treatment gives full body, mind and spirit rejuvenation.

Body Bliss - Quiet Mind

Dissolve tension and enjoy a spacious peaceful mind with our aromatherapy relaxation massage and body wrap. Breathe deeply while wrapped in soft sheets, enjoy a foot and gentle facial massage. If you don’t sleep during the treatment, you’ll sleep like a baby that evening.

Unwind "Walk on Air"
A reflexology experience like no other! Enjoy a transformative reflexology inspired foot massage while bathed in full-body vibro-acoustic sound therapy. This special treatment helps to release tension and restore balance to body, mind and spirit.

Access Bars or Energetic Facelift

During an Access Bars session, you’ll be wrapped in soft sheets and have the option of a weighted blanket, our practitioner gently touches various points on your head to release the electromagnetic charge that may be limiting your life. The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate, reverse & change the appearance of aging on the face and through the body.

Gemstone Energy Massage

A soothing back massage followed by a full body Gemstone placement and Reiki treatment. The Reiki treatment includes; hand placements while gemstones are placed on the seven main energy centers (chakras). Essential oils help to ground the spirit as your therapist restores and balances your body’s natural energy. This treatment creates a stillness and tranquility of the mind.

Introducing our new "Conscious Care" Membership.

We would like you to join us for a five-month journey of Conscious self Care. Treatments designed to honour you, to help relax and calm your body, mind and spirit. You can choose to indulge in the same favourite treatment or experiment and try something different each month.

$111/month (includes gst)

Offered twice per year: September to January then February to June

Member perks with 5-month membership:

Priority booking

10% off retail

10% off additional services

Can gift 1 session per membership to a friend or family member

Choose a different service offering each month

15 minutes of extra treatment time (because 60 minutes isn’t quite enough)

Vibro Acoustic sound therapy with all treatments except for Access Bars

*some conditions apply, cannot be combined with any other promotions