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Reiki | $80
A Japanese technique that promotes stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Reiki is a simple and natural healing method. It brings wholeness to both the giver and receiver through its ancient hands-on technique that rejuvenates ones spiritual and physical energy.

Foot Reflexology | $80                                                                      The sole of the foot has thousands of nerve endings and many acupressure points which are connected to vital organs of the body. Reflexology is the natural massage practice to relieve pain, tension, and increase relaxation in the body through stimulating the reflex areas on the foot.

Massage |                                                                      

All massage services are offered upstairs by Balance Massage.
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Access Bars |  $90 (60 min)  $105 (75 min) $120 (90 min)
There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head, which connect to different aspects of your life, such as healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex, money, and more. These bars store the electromagnetic component of all of the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that you’ve ever had. During an Access Bars session, our practitioner gently touches these points to release the electromagnetic charge that may be limiting your life. This naturally facilitates the element of receiving, and inviting more of what we want and need into our lives.

Energetic Facelift |  $105 (75 min) $120 (90 min)
The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body. The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate. While receiving an Access Facelift, many different energies are applied to the body and face, and there are many possibilities to discover of what can be released. What if you could dissipate everything you have judged about your face?

Sound Bed Therapy |  $35 (30 min)  $60 (60 min)
This custom-made sound therapy table consists of four transducers that are mounted underneath creating an immersive vibration experience for your entire body. We use specially mixed recordings in order to deeply engage the parasympathetic aspect of your autonomic nervous system. You are literally bathed in sound as your body feels the vibrations through the table and your ears listen to the music in the room. The vibrations of the table resonate your own tissues and nervous system on a systemic level. This is the physiological state where your body's natural healing mechanisms are stimulated and activated on a system wide level, while the debilitating stress responsive mechanisms are quieted and disengaged.

Neuro Spa |  $35 (30 min)                                                             Neuromuscular massage is spread through the nervous system. Initially, you may feel the sensations in the lower back. However, as a session unfolds, unlocking your sympathetic nervous system will allow it to connect to the NeuroSpa and the neuromuscular massage will first reach the painful or tense areas. Thereafter sensations will spread throughout your body to gradually reduce chronic pain and the negative effects of accumulated stress.


  • Relaxation: 30 minutes This mode suddenly plunges you into the mood of the rain of a summer evening. The music manages to interrupt your recurring thoughts with an increasing intensity of nature sounds and music. Gradually all softens towards a calm and peaceful tone with pleasant and relaxing physical sensations.

  • Energizing: 30 minutes A striking effect from the start, this mode will lead you to a deep relaxation of the nervous system, through a symphony of sound and physical sensations both pleasant and soothing. A wonderful journey of body and mind to Angelini's aqua-musical world that achieves a healthy balance and an energizing refill for about 12 hours.

Herb Steam Cocoon | $50 (1 session) $200 (5 sessions)
Heat speeds up the chemical processes in the body, making steam therapy one of the simplest and most comfortable ways to rid the body of accumulated toxins. As the pores open up and the sweat glands start to excrete, the body rids itself of metabolic and other waste products. Steam therapy encourages circulation, stimulates the immune and lymph systems, promotes the elimination of toxins and improves the function of all the body's organs, especially the skin and in our Edmonton winters it simply feels great!

Aqua Chi Foot Bath | $40 (1 session)  $360 (10 sessions)
The Aqua-Chi is a highly specialized foot bath using ion enriched energized water. The bio-charge of the Aqua-Chi is safely absorbed into the body which will assist your cells to assimilate, eliminate and detoxify themselves more efficiently. The Aqua-Chi raises the bio-energy in the body helping to recharge energy depleted cells allowing the bio-charge and negative ions to permeate into the water. The Aqua-Chi is safe, noninvasive, and pain free for of wellness for all people leaving you feeling relaxed rejuvenated, energized and detoxified!

Scalar Wave Laser
The Scalar Wave Laser System is used for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and to temporarily increase local blood circulation.

Scalar waves are revolutionary neutral waves of energy. They do not have polarity and therefore do not travel in a linear fashion from past to present. They are unified field energy which is profoundly effective for neutralizing chronic pain, stress, dis-ease and ell memory of any kind.

All polarity is, in effect, a contraction of the unified field and what makes scalar waves so unique is that they are able to unwind and clear these contractions. This works in much the same way that an old cassette tape works. If you want to clear the information you simply change the polarity which neutralizes the information.

Unwind | $60 (up to 45 min)  $240 (5 sessions)
Used to help with pain relief and relaxation

Unwind/Pain Relief | $80 (up to 60 min)  $320 (5 sessions)
To target a specific area of pain

Facial | $90 (up to 75 min)  $360 (5 sessions)
Unwind and reduce fine lines and wrinkles